Box Making 101


Wooden boxes are one of the best ways to learn basic woodworking. In a few short hours, you can make boxes for gifts or to sell that may be treasured for a lifetime. Whether you are a beginning woodworker or have years of experience, the things you learn from making boxes will advance all your woodworking skills, leading to greater accuracy and creativity in every woodworking project.

Doug Stowe is the author of 4 of the best selling box making books and his articles have been featured in the best American woodworking magazines. His DVD Basic Box Making is a Classic.

Here at Box Making 101 you will find the following support for your growth as a Box Maker:

  1. Expert Advice--Ask questions and receive answers in the Box Making 101 Blog

  2. Tips to improve your accuracy,  skill and creativity

  3. Box Making Projects coming soon

  4. Materials and Supplies

  5. News about classes and instructional opportunities

  6. Links and Gallery coming soon



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